Monday, November 12, 2007


I feel a load of whininess getting ready to burst out of every pore. So here it comes:

Why is getting ready to leave for a conference so hard?

Why do advisees always wait until the day of their registration to contact me for advising? When advising week was two weeks ago?

Why do all of the people on the other side of my hall have to move to another building?

Why won't anyone tell me who is moving in to those offices?

Why does it take so much energy for me to get anything written?

Why do I have to attend so many meetings?

Why did I commit to post in my blog every day this month?

Why do I like to gossip so much?

Why is it so damn hot in my office?

Why can't I ever type those word verification letters correctly the first time around?

OK. That is all. Tomorrow I hope all will be restored to my normal positive, if somewhat snarky, self.


Belle said...

I can't help with all your questions, but...

Conference: so you'll be so happy to leave conference for home.

Dunno. Dunno. It's all a conspiracy to distract you. Dunno. Overextended, are you? Ditto. Dunno. Dunno. It's a common blogger's syndrome. I either can't or see words that don't exist. And I persist in trying to pronounce them.

Lisa said...

Hiya ... I'm here through the NaBloPoMo link ... and I like your whiny post! I have many of those myself!

Bookmarking you to come back and read because your story behind the name Bad Ass Turtle cracked me up! :)

Lisa at