Friday, November 09, 2007

Oh, Lordy.

Well, today has been a mixed bag. First, it is almost 4:30 and i'm still at work. Not getting anything done, but I'm here nonetheless.

I did make huge progress on a conference presentation I will be making next week in New York. (Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!). This meaning that I finished the paper and created most of the powerpoint. I also ordered a new external hard drive and this cool device for automatically forwarding my presentation. It also has a built-in timer! And it's wireless!

The coolest. What with my shiny new printer and this gadget, I should win some kind of technology award. Or at least be given tenure.

This evening it's a women's basketball game. Tomorrow, tons of reading students' poetry and responding. I have to say that I find responding to students' poems much harder than responding to their academic papers or even to their memoirs. Is it because I don't have much experience with responding to students' poems? Or because their poems are so much more personal than their academic papers? Or because I don't want to intrude with my poetic voice into theirs?

Anyway, that's what I'll be working on this weekend. That and trying to get ready to head out of town.


Anonymous said...

You must be going to NCTE convention...I am so jealous!!!! Have a great time...I wish I could hear your presentation. What's it on?


jen martin said...

Hmmmm...I find that people's poems tend to be *very* personal, so I can understand why you would hesitate to intrude on such a piece. But, knowing you, I think you can still offer some good, constructive words to help them and I think that it will be enough for them. By this point, I really believe that they trust you and trust that you're being honest.

Now, go read some poems. :)