Thursday, November 29, 2007


Finally home, after . . .
  • teaching two classes today (with a couple of seriously annoying students who apparently didn't want to take advantage of the time I gave them in class to work on HUGE projects)
  • several phone and in-person meetings
  • grading like a demon to get ahead for next week, when I'll be looking at an immense stack of unit designs to grade
  • meeting a friend (and then several other friends) for margaritas and Mexican food
  • watching our womens' basketball team win over a team that beat us twice last season

I realized at the game that I hadn't posted, and since I'm so close to being finished with NaBloPoMo, I couldn't let that happen.

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Dimsumthing said...

I like the blog name. Since I had to choose people at random (since some stranger did the same to me), I'm tagging you for a 7 Weird Things Meme. Go to my blog for the details. Sorry!