Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Changes, ChChChChChanges

As I was running around this morning, doing pre-Thanksgiving errands, I realized that part of my malaise (see yesterday's post) could be due to changes taking place in my office hallway. My office is on the south side of an east-west hallway in a fairly small building. All of my colleagues on the north side of the hallway (members of two different departments) have been moved over to another building, where the top floor has been renovated for them. I'm happy for them that they've got snazzy new office spaces. Really! I like my office and I certainly don't want to have to box up all of my mountains of books and move again. Even with the shabby orange carpet, it's a great office.

Change is not hard for me to accept, when I make the choice to change. But not having all of my buds on my floor was definiitely not my choice. And now it looks like some other folks will be moving in. They're nice and all, I like those people even, but I want my old world back.

OK, enough whining. I know that everything will be fine, eventually. I'll just have to deal.


maybaby said...

I hate it when my workspace changes! Unless, of course, it was my idea in the first place!

I'm tagging you for the seven things meme. Lizzielou tagged me, so I'm passing it on! I'm randomly tagging seven folks and linking to you on my blog ( Visit my site for the rules and then go and tag seven random NaBloPoMo bloggers!

Belle said...

Maybe your new neighbors will be new buds too? I'm a bit the other way; I don't really get the people who have trouble coping with change. It's kinda what i do.

Go ahead, whine. Red or white?