Friday, November 30, 2007

Meangrump Jerkypants

That's right. That's me. Or at least, that's my Grinch Name.

And oh how I am feeling like Meangrump Jerkypants Bitchswamp Alligatorgirl.

Seriously. I am a bit hungover from drinking margaritas last night (only 3! so how can I feel so crappy? except that it WAS tequila, and lord knows tequila doesn't like me very much), so perhaps that has something to do with it.

But also I'm raging over some of my students not following directions on their assignments.

Read the syllabus, darlings. Really. When I say that you should turn in a draft, all previous notes and drafts, and a LETTER OF REFLECTION ABOUT YOUR PROCESS, I seriously mean it. I do want you to write a letter of reflection. And I want you to print it out. And I want you to turn it in. Really.

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Belle said...

Read what? Oh, that thing you passed out the first day? I lost mine. OH?! I was supposed to keep it? Why? Can I get a copy now? Well, if I didn't do it it's cuz I didn't know what you really wanted, and it's not going to affect my grade is it? Is it?

This from memory of too many students' predictable refrains.