Monday, December 18, 2006

2006 in Review

First line of each month's post from 2006:

January 3rd, 2006: We returned home from our Christmas extravaganza at the home of my brother, his lovely wife, and their oh-so-precocious triplet boys (2.5 years of age), graced by the presence of Mom, Sam, assorted in-laws on either side, lots of booze, neighbors, parties, gifts, etc.
[Wow, was that a crazy Christmas! But so much fun to see the boys.]

February 2nd, 2006: Face Plant
Lest you think that I have some new kind of ivy or rhododendron growing from my visage, here's the gruesome story.
[This was my bloody noise accomplished by trying to ski too fast down a slope in some seriously slippery snow. Whew. Makes me look forward to skiing this weekend!]

March 6th, 2006:
Spring Break is Coming! Spring Break is Coming!
Here's what I'll be doing over spring break . . .
[Ah, our Belize diving trip. This year, it's the Caymans!]

April 3rd, 2006:
Change is a Good Thing
Lately I've been pondering changes to my junior-level English methods class, which focuses on teaching writing.
[The changes to my class were fantastic! Such a vast improvement, and it made the class a lot more fun for me, as well.]

May 2nd, 2006:
Exciting Stuff!
Yesterday was my last day of involvement in a year-long professional development project in a large city in my state (now called "Center City").
[Now that the professional development is over, I'm working with a colleague on getting a publication out of it.]

June 2nd, 2006:
Hiking Journal -- Monday, May 22nd
My loving spouse dropped me off at the Blue Ridge Parkway (not sure of the mile marker, but it's near the Peaks of Otter Lodge) at about 10:30.
[My 100 miles in Virginia by myself. The heat just about killed me.]

July 17th, 2006:
Hard Hiking
Um, those Mainers? When they say a trail is hard, you should listen.
[No shit. That was the hardest 100 miles of hiking I've ever done. Bar none.]

August 3rd, 2006:
Boring as Life
I received some harassment from a friend (yes, you, Jennifer!) about not updating my blog, so I am writing an entry under pressure.
[No comment. My life can be pretty boring.]

September 1st, 2006:
As a Freshman . . .
Since I'm now taking a freshman level class, I'm technically both a faculty member and a freshman.
[A freshman who got an A. Damn skippy.]

October 2nd, 2006:
Not Enough Sleep
I woke up countless times during the night, worrying. About friends who are ill, about a manuscript that I'll need to revise (again!), about my students, about my upcoming bid for tenure, about my husband, about my geology class and my inability to find a class to take next semester, etc. Worry, worry, worry.
[My mom says that if I don't have something to worry about, I'll worry till I find something. Hmm. She is so smart.]

November 4th, 2006:
What's Up?
Several colleagues have asked me recently what's going on with my adventures in geology.
[Next semester should be even better.]

December 1st, 2006:
Science Nerd Test #3
In about 30 minutes, I will take my third test in physical geology.
[Hoo-yah. Aced that test AND the final exam.]

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The End of the Semester

Holiday Parties Attended: 2
Secret Santa Presents Given Out: 5
Final Exams Taken: 1
Graded Writing Workshop Descriptions: 4 (out of 16)
Graded Unit Designs: 0 (out of 8)
Graded Writing Portfolios: 0 (out of 16)

So, it becomes clear what I'll be doing this weekend.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No more death-wish skiiers

On Sunday, we went to the first weekend of skiing at our local ski resort. Lots of fun, though we waited in line too long to pick up our season passes, and we only did two runs. It was icy, and the ski resort was selling $10 lift tickets, with only 2 runs open. So we felt that we were putting our lives on the line as we made our (relatively slow) way down the slope only to have skiiers with death wishes come zooming at and past us along the way.

Afterwards, we dropped off our skis for a tune up, and I fell in love with this jacket. It's red, it's warm, and best of all, death-wish skiiers can see me well and perhaps choose to run into a tree instead of me!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Student

That's me. An "A" student. Got a 92 on my geology test.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Science Nerd Test #3

In about 30 minutes, I will take my third test in physical geology. Aside from previous posts, in which I attested to the lack of difficulty that this class presents, I've still been spending every evening this week studying. Why, you might ask? Well, because I'm a serious grade freak. I admit it. I like making A's. On the first test, I had a high A. On the last test, a high B.


I'm planning to make an A on this one, dammit.

I got up extra early this morning to study, came to the Union and am now surrounded by other students, most of whom are also studying for tests. Cool. Had myself a sesame bagel for brain food, and now I feel pretty ready for the test.

In other news, next year's student teaching applications are due today at 5, which has resulted in an unexpectedly high number of panicked phone calls to my office. That's ok, but I wonder about what seems to me to be the racheting up of the stress level around those applications. I don't think it is healthy; however, I also don't think there is much I can do about it, except to provide as much advice as I can and be willing to help students out when they ask for it. The problem for me is that that is a reactive response, not a proactive one. Maybe I should make an attempt to talk to the powers that be about our process? I don't think most of them would want their own children going through this level of stress. And I don't think that's what partnership should be about.

I'll be working this afternoon on revising a manuscript that has (so far) been rejected by three different journals. I've still got two potential publication sites for it, though, so I'm not giving up on it. It does get better every time I work on it!