Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No more death-wish skiiers

On Sunday, we went to the first weekend of skiing at our local ski resort. Lots of fun, though we waited in line too long to pick up our season passes, and we only did two runs. It was icy, and the ski resort was selling $10 lift tickets, with only 2 runs open. So we felt that we were putting our lives on the line as we made our (relatively slow) way down the slope only to have skiiers with death wishes come zooming at and past us along the way.

Afterwards, we dropped off our skis for a tune up, and I fell in love with this jacket. It's red, it's warm, and best of all, death-wish skiiers can see me well and perhaps choose to run into a tree instead of me!

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Jen Martin said...

You are too funny, L. You make me laugh!! :o)