Monday, November 03, 2008

NaBloPoMo '08 #3: Voting and Other Errands

When I woke up this morning, I spent a good bit of time debating with myself. Should I ride my bike to work? Should I drive/take the bus? Should I walk? This was a complicated decision, because of the still-existing chest congestion, needing to vote and get a flu shot today, and also needing to carry back to work the tons of grading that I took home on Friday (only half of it finished), not to mention the framed teaching award that Slogger put together for me this weekend (THANKS, HON!).

I decided to ride my bike, leave the frame at home until tomorrow, and vote at 11 after I got out of class. Voting was a bit of a mess, actually, with tons of people crammed into a little space and lines snaking around everywhere. Luckily, I was already registered to vote, so I got the short line, waited a few minutes for them to prepare my ballot, and then voted. Once that was finished, I decided I needed some soup as a reward for my good behavior, so I rode my bike downtown (three blocks!) to get some lunch. I did grade a few papers during my solitary lunch, but still not anywhere near enough.

Since I was downtown, I decided to go ahead and get my flu shot. IT HURT. But it's all for a good cause, I guess, since I'm in a category required to get the shot. Then I rode my bike back to the office, and now I'm back to the grading . . .

More tomorrow! (Hey, I didn't promise the posts would be scintillating, just that there would be one of them each day in November.)

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Anonymous said...

i admire your commitment to blogging every day, i have committed to reading 5 new blogs per week in november... so far, i'm up to one!