Sunday, November 16, 2008

NaBloPoMo '08 #16: On the Downhill Side

Woohoo! Only half a month left until NaBloPoMo is officially over. Until that time, you can expect daily posts full of nothing.

Today was another low-key day for us. After our traditional Sunday-morning coffee shop visit, we raked some leaves, made some turkey chili, finished the laundry, and watched a movie. I worked a bit on writing an evaluation report, but nothing significant.

Now we're drinking some red wine and "chillaxin" as Slogger would say.


Amanda said...

Dr. Man and I are "chillaxin" with some red wine as well. (By the way, the word verification is: comic. I thought that was nifty.)

Anonymous said...

Hey There Leslie, it's Jennifer Ward Waggoner (Jenny Ward). I'm posting a comment because I'm not smart enough to find out how to email you from this site! My email address is We have been going through mom's things this weekend and we found some cute pictures of you! Oh, the memories are amazing! Hope to talk to you soon!


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Such is a life. There's nothing to be done.