Friday, January 04, 2008

Office Changes, T&P, and etc.

In spite of the sniffles and headache and general exhaustion that's been hovering around me like a storm cloud for the past week (a week! I can't believe it's been a week. I was really planning to cross-country ski every day this week. And all I've done is sit my butt in this chair. And my butt just keeps getting bigger, people!), I went to the office today to finish up my packet for T&P.

The good news is, I finished it. I'm still waiting on a letter about my teaching from Esteemed Colleague, but that should be in my box on Monday. I went ahead and dropped off all three notebooks this afternoon before I left. Fingers crossed, everyone.

The bad news? My office building is a MESS. Everyone and their dog is moving, which apparently requires walls to be knocked down, floor tiles to be replaced, and general havoc and smelliness to take over the place. A friend told me that the office smelled; I can't breathe through my nose at present, so I didn't smell a thing.

Oh, and this is kind of funny. There are lots of office spaces opening up, as the faculty from three different departments have moved to a different building. So the administration put together a list of faculty (in order of seniority, no less) and has been calling them up one by one, saying "Do you want to move?" I got my call just before the break, and recently confirmed with the administrator in question, that hell no, I don't want to move, have you seen all of the books in my office? So I'll be getting seven new hallmates this semester -- two of whom are the LOUDEST INDIVIDUALS ON THE PLANET. I guess I'll be closing my door a lot.

Seriously, keep your fingers crossed.

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