Saturday, January 05, 2008

Never Mind

Well, the weather did not cooperate. It started to rain (yes, you heard me, rain! In High Plains City! The weather was above freezing! In January!) and shortly turned to snow, then the cold set in, turning everything to an icy mess.

We went shopping instead. We're looking for a nice printer stand for our new wireless printer, which I'm showing here using Clipmarks.

This printer is the coolest, because I can sit in my easy chair and print. I used to have to email something to myself, go into the office, and print it there. Now my printing is super easy, and I feel spoiled.
The possibility for skiing still exists for Sunday . . .

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Ms. Strout said...

Hey, there! It's Heather from the "One Teacher to Another" blog. Thank you for your suggestions for the workshop I am planning. You mentioned you could share some of your poetry exercises with me? That would be awesome if you could! I would really like to take a look at them. Thanks in advance!