Monday, July 20, 2009

Lovely, Peaceful Weekend (and a new roof)

The roofers arrived on Friday and made loads of noise shoveling the three layers of previous roofs off the house. I was able to avoid most of it by heading in to the office to work on yet another version of a program report (gah), but poor Slogger and Roxy were home for a whole day's worth. And they stayed Friday night until around 8:15! And were back Saturday morning at 7:15 AM.

Howsomeever, we had a lovely surprise for Slogger on his birthday, which was Saturday. Slogger's daughter (City Girl) flew in to Big Western City, rented a car, and drove to High Plains City to spend a day with her daddy for his big birthday. I wish you could have seen the extremely stunned and surprised and delighted look on his face when City Girl drove up in her fancy red rental Chevy. I WISH I had had a camera, because that expression was truly priceless.

So on our block at that time, there were the following events taking place:
  • roofers hammering away on our house, plus their compressor roaring
  • a very popular yard sale at the house next door
  • a garden tour taking place across the street (which meant people parking and walking all along our street)
  • City Girl showing up

Needless to say, it was a bit crazed. Soon after City Girl arrived, we packed up and headed for the local park, where we spread a couple of blankets, drank some Snapple, and just got lazy for several hours. Yours truly went to a nearby deli and got sandwiches, so lunch was easy. It was a sunny, but cool day, so hanging out in the shade, with a bit of sun, was nice. And peaceful. And happy, with City Girl there to show her daddy that she loves him very much. Which also makes me very happy.

Around about 4, we headed home, and the roofers were gone, and the roof was finished. Peace. Quiet. And a new roof!

We grilled salmon and corn-on-the-cob, drank a couple of glasses of chenin blanc, had a nice ice cream cake for Slogger's birthday, and had a good night's sleep. Then on Sunday we drove up to the mountains to check out our camping site for August (which was a good thing, as it was almost completely encompassed by a snow bank, and we had to change to a different site), have a picnic lunch, and generally enjoy being up in the cool mountain air.

Then City Girl had to leave to make it back for her flight. This engendered a few tears, but they are tears of love, which makes them good.

Now it's 8:15 AM and we're still in bed.... can I just say that I'm SO happy that Slogger retired?

Off to get some breakfast and the office for me. My goal for the day is to get a complete draft of the program report finished.

I'm hoping that your weekend was as lovely; or if not, that you have some peace to look forward to!

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