Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stepping Up

Today the hospital gods smiled on us. Footslogger was moved out of ICU and into a telemetry (sp?) wing. I gather that the main difference has to do with a lower degree of scrutiny, plus instead of being plugged into a monitor that gives constant feedback on heart rate, oxygenation rate, respiratory rate, bank balance, hair loss, armpit odor, etc. (ok, those last three are an exaggeration. But only barely.) he is plugged into a small box that transmits his heart rate to a central monitor on the wing. The nurses come in every couple of hours to check his blood pressure and oxygenation; plus they are carefully monitoring his intake and output, since he is on a drug to help him get rid of excess fluid on his lungs.

But the main part that he likes the best? He can get orange sherbet on request.

My fave? I don't have to vacate the premises between 6 and 8:30, which means that I can sit with him through dinner and leave once he starts to get sleepy. Instead of leaving at 6, coming back at 8:30 and sitting with him until 9:30. That was starting to get extremely wearying.

So tonight I went to Subway and purchased a tuna sandwich (comfort food) and as I was walking out of the store I found myself smiling giddily for the first time in a week. Really, all I want in this world is for him to be healthy. The rest means nothing.

For the first time since his heart attack, I feel certain that we are on our way there.


Anonymous said...

Nothin' like the hospital gods and you smiling giddily all at the same time! I'm so relieved, and happy to hear your news.

Love you,

Brigindo said...

Yay for stepping up! I'm thrilled to hear he's doing better and you're feeling positive. Here's more positive thoughts that this will all be behind you soon.

Paul said...

Hey, Bad Ass -

KG and I are thinking of you two lots and lots. This is indeed great news.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you too...

Belle said...

Get that man more sherbet! Any flavor he wants; you get some too. Be nice to yourselves and know that there are all kinds of people out here thinking of you.