Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back in High Plains City

Drove in this morning, with clear roads, blue skies, and a good bit of wind. It feels fantastic to be back home. Fantastic. And hairy. Why hairy, you may ask?

Because the cats spent their last two weeks pulling out big chunks of fur and rubbing them on EVERY. SURFACE. IN. THE. HOUSE. Not to mention the hairballs, but we won't go there.

Footslogger is doing well, still tiring easily, but hanging in there. We're working on planning, buying ingredients, and cooking low-sodium, low-cholesterol meals. With smaller portion sizes.

Thanks again to all of you who have sent your best hopes and good wishes. We're hanging in there, and trying to imagine how life will be now. Working hard to stay connected to each other and honest with each other.


jen martin said...

Wahoo, wahoo, WAHOO!!!! So glad to have you guys back around!!! Take things a day at a time. Little by little, bit by bit, Footslogger will be doing spectacular!! :)

Belle said...

Wow, talk about a bad way to end a vacation. Even the cats freaked out!

Your bronchitis is - in my world - predictable. I have a high stress time, and body functions as best it cans. Once the crisis is past, body catches up. The entire time I was in grad school, I spent every holiday zapped out by whatever the current mess was: flu, strep, cold... then I graduated to asthma.

Stay well, both of you.