Sunday, October 14, 2007

Surprise Prize

OK, I saw this at Maggie May's and made a commitment, which I'm honoring here. Sounds cool --

By the end of the calendar year, I will send a tangible, physical gift to each of the first five people to comment here. The catch? Each person must make the same offer on her/his blog.

So, if you (a) want a gift; and (b) have your own blog on which to post this offer, then please, comment away!


Madame M. said...

Oooh.... I do love surprises!

You're on :o)

Belle said...

Yee-HA! I made the cut! Now, do my grading too? Can that be the tangible, physical gift?

Dr. Bad Ass said...

Um, no. Not since I spent 3 hours grading today and only made a tiny dent in the looming, toppling stack. Sorry -- but it'll be something cool!

Jennifer said...

Count me in! This is a great idea! I'm playing along, too!

Jennifer H.
Greenville, SC

Alasdair said...

I'd like in, too, if there's still room :)