Friday, October 26, 2007


You might have noticed the new badge on the left for NaBloPoMo, otherwise known as National Blog Posting Month. I've made a commitment to blog every day for the month of November (which starts soon! eek! and in the middle of advising week! double-eek!). So check back here, folks -- after this post, I'll be taking a deep breath (blog-wise) to prepare myself for the craziness that will be November. After the nuthouse that October has been, November should be a breeze!

This morning I'm headed in to get my annual blood draw, followed by
* research meeting
* geology class
* phone conference about upcoming research
* meeting with a student (who needs an ass-whuppin')
* meeting with another student (who needs something signed)

these events will be punctuated with grading, writing an article review, prepping for next week's classes, etc.

I'm up for it, though. I've got my Dansko's on!


Madame M. said...

Woohoo! Three cheers for NaBloPoMo! Won't you join my group? :o)

The Lisa Show said...

I got here through the NaBloPoMo randomizer. Thought I'd say hi and wish you good luck this november. :) The thought of coming up with something to post everyday is freaking me out already. Haha.