Thursday, September 11, 2008


Last night was a reception at the President's house (of the University, that is) for all of those who were promoted this year. Slogger and I went, and we enjoyed ourselves. I was hoping that attending this event would allow me to get to know a few of the higher-ups, but it was a bit crowded for that. Really, all I want is for people I have met a couple of times to recognize me when they see me on campus. This rarely happens (the recognizing bit, I mean). Anyway, it was a good dinner, and all of those promoted did get a nice gift, a zippered leather notebook case thingy. Really nice. And it smells like leather (cause it is leather!).

This afternoon is the Convocation. (Footslogger emailed me this morning and asked "Have you convocated yet?" Nope. Not till this afternoon.) The Convocation is an opportunity for all of us who were promoted to be individually recognized, and an opportunity for said President (see above) to make a "state-of-the-university" speech. Should be interesting.

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