Monday, June 02, 2008

Loner is So Not a Bad Ass

I just left Loner at the vet, where he is having his shots and the ABCESS ON HIS SHOULDER cleaned out. See, there's this big orange cat in our neighborhood? Who is about twice the size of Loner? And who -- when challenged to a fight -- will gladly whoop Loner's ass every time?

Short version, Loner got a nasty scratch on his shoulder that got infected and was even starting to smell nasty. So I called the vet this morning and got him in -- he may have to stay overnight if he's a "slow waker."

NOTE: That's Loner on the right, and Marty on the left,
all curled up in Slogger's comfy chair.

Oh, and did I mention that I had a dentist's appointment this morning AND a doctor's appointment? A new doctor, since I haven't actually had a doctor in town for the last four years. This one took one look at my blood work and said one word: Lipitor. That's right, Slogger had the heart attack, and now I'm on Lipitor.

Bummer. Where's my Jack Daniels?

UPDATE: I picked Loner up and brought him home. He's got a big shaved patch, a wound in the middle of it, and he's loopy as all get out. But he's ok. Will he learn not to fight? Um, no.


Brigindo said...

Yeesh! Poor Loner. My Brute is more the type to beat up then take a beating but The Other Cat gets it all the time. Luckily nothing has gotten infected yet.

Sorry about the Lipitor. I knew there was a reason I hated going to doctors.

Nit said...

Hola, thanks for stopping by :)

bwahaha! Poor loner...maybe he'll learn to leave the orange demon alone...likely not though.


Musey_Me said...

Glad to hear Loner is going to be okay.

JJ said...

Oh Im so glad your cat will be OK--its scary when pets are hurt--wish they could talk!
Hello from NCLM!

Duck said...

hope loner is feeling better.

Dr. Bad Ass said...

Thanks for all of your concern -- Loner seems back to himself today, although the area around the wound is still a bit swollen.

Pamela Jeanne said...

What GREAT cats!! Can I tell you how jealous I am? That's right I adore cats but I'm deathly allergic to them. I'm now putting my hopes on science finding a way to get me a kitty cat one day. Right now my asthma response to them sends me for a shot of adrenalin in the ER. Sigh. Give Marty and Loner an extra squeeze for me!

DC said...

Poor Loner! Dumb cat. My dog also tries to pick fights with every Pitbull & German Shepherd in our neighborhood. Dumb dog.

momofonefornow said...

poor loner. I used to have a kitty just like him. I miss her. He is so pretty, in a manly sort of way :0)

JamieD said...

I am glad Loaner is doing good!! Don't tell him I said this, but he does look more like a couch potato kind of guy and not bad-ass, standing on the street corner with a chipped tooth looking to pick fights kind of guy.

Heather J. said...

We had a cat when I was growing up that insisted on fighting with the wild foxes on the farm nearby ... he ended up with a an infected bite on his foot that required repeated antibiotics and drainings, and finally ended up having 2 of his toes removed. Never did he learn ... ~sigh~

(HI! from NaComLeavMo)