Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Know, I Know

Things I haven't blogged about:

* all of the massive gardening and stonework projects Footslogger and I have been working away on every weekend this summer;

* our new fence! which should be completed tomorrow;

* the music meme. Belle tagged me for it last week and I've been THINKING about it, but not BLOGGING about it;

* our fabulous weather, which has finally turned warm and sunny;

* my disgust with James Dobson and his attack on Obama;

* why I can't get myself to work on my sabbatical proposal;

* why I luurrrvvvee my new Blackberry, pictured here:

* and how I am moving up the ranks on Brickbreaker.
All this and more, as soon as I get the energy . . .


Anonymous said...

I lurrrve my new blackberry too...only it's a bit smaller than yours and it's pink! I bought it in May and I fell in love instantly. Only...I can figure out how to make it ring. It just goes to voicemail....hrm. Oh, and if you go to www.mytinyphone.com you can downloads zillions of ringtones and backgrounds for your phone...enjoy!

Can it be a year already almost since the WWP? Wow...I wish we were doing it again.


Dr. Bad Ass said...

On mine, you can set the tones for all kinds of functions -- new email, new text message, etc -- under Profiles. Maybe you've got it set to Quiet?