Monday, June 18, 2007

Lower Silas Lake

On Saturday, we drove to Rawlins, picked up Sly (a CDT thru-hiker) and drove to Lander, where we had a lovely lunch at the Gannett Grill. In Lander, we ran into Haiku (another CDT thru-hiker); we then drove both of them to Atlantic City/South Pass City so they could get back on the trail.

More driving (on a narrow, twisty Forest Service road) took us to the Christina Lake trailhead. We hiked in about 2 and a half miles to Lower Silas Lake, where we spent the night. Lovely campsite, quiet and peaceful.

Sunday morning we saw a moose munching on bushes across the lake, and we were glad that we were out there and not at home.

After we hiked out, the driving began again -- back to South Pass City to pick up Cheers (yet another CDT hiker), to Atlantic City for lunch, and then back to Laramie. Lots of driving, a little hiking, and then back into work for another week.

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