Sunday, May 13, 2007

Now it's Summer!

My husband and I are sitting in our shorts with the doors and windows open, typing away on our separate laptops. Sunshine, cool breezes, birds chirping. The cats are outside enjoying eating the grass (and puking it up, no doubt), and we're planning a trip to Fort Collins for some dive gear in preparation for our trip to the Caymans.

Summertime, she has arrived!

Friday I completed the last of three day-long meetings on articulating our teacher ed program. OK, it was worthwhile, but . . . the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and we were sitting on our butts debating how we articulate basket-weaving in all of our courses. No, really, it was good and worthwhile. But I'm glad it's over.

Yesterday evening I dug up some weeds out of the front yard, which is looking incredibly lush right now. That's due to the massive amounts of fertilizer I've been putting on it, and perhaps to the fact that the neighborhood cats haven't started pissing and pooping in the middle of the yard yet. Yes, I live in the house whose yard serves as the neighborhood cat box.

Now I'm off to Toronto for the International Reading Association conference.

Oh, and by the way: I got an A in CHEM 1020 this semester. Let the jubilation begin!

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jen martin said...

Way to rock the chem world, BA! :)