Monday, May 07, 2007

Is It Summer Yet?

Last week we had a candidate in for an endowed chair position, that is, a position funded by the state designed to bring in a big-name scholar who will provide leadership to the college in his or her area of expertise.

Or, if you're my spouse, an endowed chair is a kitchen chair with big boobs. Take your pick.

Anyway, we had this person in for our endowed chair position, and then I spent the next couple of days agonizing over whether or not the candidate would take the position. When. We offered it. Because if we don't we're insane.

Now that I have that off my chest, I want to mention that snow in May is not cool, but it is so Wyoming. It was drizzling on Saturday as I walked to graduation, but during graduation it started to snow. And it snowed all day and all night. There's still snow on the ground. Damn. I'm so ready for some summer, I've got my shorts and t-shirts out and everything. I've bought planters to put flowers in, I want to do yard work! But I must be patient. This too will pass.

Graduation was -- as usual -- super cool. My students (now graduates!) are awesome; 75% of those who walked graduated with honors!! The way we do graduation is that as students in particular programs walk across and off the stage, faculty in those programs are there to greet and congratulate them. It's the typical time for me to be bawling like a baby, so proud of my students as they become professional educators. As I was hugging and congratulating one of my students, she took off her brown satin UW stole and hung it around my neck, saying "This is for you, Leslie, for everything you've done for me." Oh. My. God. Couldn't stop crying for several minutes after that.

So now I'm just mopping up -- finishing a few grading tasks and putting my grades in the system. Then the writing will commence.

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