Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sick to my Stomach

When my younger brother was very small, he used to say "I've got a headache in my tummy."

That's what's going on with me now, except that the headache is in my tummy, my head, my bones, etc.

Got up at 5:15 this morning to take someone to the airport. Have eaten out almost every night this week, with candidates coming in. Stressing over the timing of the search and whether or not it will be successful and how to make everyone happy (I know, I can't) and how to get all my work done while still chairing the search committee.

Impossible, I know.

On the bright side, we have two (and hopefully, with the funding gods on our side, three) extremely qualified candidates coming in. Bright hopes all around. But it sure is a lot of work getting them here and getting them through their meetings, job talks, etc.

Longing for spring break . . . .

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