Friday, January 01, 2010

Crazy-ass dog

So I just got back from taking Roxy on a walk. Oh, by the way, here's a pic, now that she's all grown up:
Isn't she the cutest? Anyway, we usually take her for a walk in a field not far from our house, where we can let her run off leash. There's a lot of snow there, and she loves running like a crazy thing through the snow. So she's running, and I'm walking, and we're having a lovely time until this crazy Akita shows up. As soon as I saw the other dog, I put her back on leash. Did the owner of the Akita? Hell, no. She just walked up saying "I'm so sorry. I didn't look ahead and see you. I'm so sorry."

Meanwhile the Akita stalked Roxy, hair on end, snarling. And snarled and nipped at me as well. Crazy dog. What are people thinking, bringing their crazy-ass dogs into contact with my sweet, well-mannered one? I mean, Roxy was practically slobbering over wanting to be friends with this dog, taking a subservient position, sniffing the right places, all the right stuff.

Crazy-ass woman and her crazy-ass dog. Seriously.


Brigindo said...

Roxy is adorable! I have a "crasy-ass dog" in that Pupzilla is completely unreliable around other dogs. She goes from friendly/playful to bite your head off without much (or any notice). Because of this we keep her on a leash at all times and don't got to places like dog parks. It drives me really bonkers when she and I are hiking and some dog comes up with an owner and no leash. I don't usually get apologies. I usually get angry stares when I put my dog in a sit/stay and tell the person that she's not dog-friendly so they have to leash their dog.

Sorry, this post brought out a little bit of a vent for me.

Lisa said...

So this is Roxy!! Love her!