Sunday, August 16, 2009

One Week Off, One Week to Go

Last week my mom and step-dad were here to visit (hi mom!) and we had a lovely, relaxing time. Went camping with our little trailer and our super-big screen tent. (Quick note: We set that screen tent up in the yard and then stood back in awe. It's like a circus tent! Truly! We were expecting elephants!)

Anyway, we headed up into the mountains and camped for a couple of days. Did a little hiking, lots of hanging out, some fishing, etc. Relaxing and great, except for one pair of lost glasses. Roxy, of course, is a fabu camper.

then when we came home, we spent a couple of days just hanging out here. We visited the university's art museum, did some shopping and cooking, read a lot, and generally relaxed. Of course, during that time frame Slogger threw out his back and I had an odd growth cut off the bottom of my foot, so there was some pain and weeping. I'm still walking with a bit of a limp as I wait for the damn thing to heal.

Of course, I did almost no work last week -- except that I went to a two-hour training session so that I can use a procurement card. That's right folks, High Plains University is trusting Doctor Bad Ass with a credit card. Scary, no? But seriously, a two-hour training? When you could have just given me the rules and regs? I spent a good bit of the training making a to-do list, as follows:
  • analyze qualitative pieces of state-wide survey
  • make comments on my co-editor's writing on the journal call for proposals
  • do a write up on potential cover art for the journal
  • read four books I just bought on teaching writing
  • check on data for the program report
  • schedule submission of the program report
  • get Roxy's paperwork finished and mailed (for obedience classes! She doesn't really need them, but we're doing it anyway!)
  • get together readings for a graduate seminar
  • set up voicethreads for my fall courses
  • finish setting up course platforms for my fall courses
  • create a bibliography for a reading/writing resource fair
  • prep for 1st week of class
  • set up a date and place for mentor teacher workshop
  • register for a conference
  • renew organization membership
  • make dinner reservations for this Friday
  • sit down with department office associate to find out about procurement card reconciliation process

Most of that I've got to get done between now and Wednesday, since the beginning of school meetings and such will start on Thursday.

OK, I'm off to start on some of that list...

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Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

That's right folks, High Plains University is trusting Doctor Bad Ass with a credit card.

That made me laugh out loud for some reason. Thanks!