Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flip! and other stuff

Because I am involved in a "use-cool-technology-while-teaching" group here at High Plains U, I was given a Flip Video today (part of the enticement for being a member of the group). It's the coolest, and pretty soon I'll be posting video I've taken with it. Probably of my cats.

Why the cats, you may ask? Well, because I'm not feeling so well lately, so I'm not getting out of the house or office much. I'm in the beginning stages of yet another round of bronchitis, which makes me the opposite of happy and healthy. As of yet, I'm only in the out-of-breath, tight-chest, occasional coughing phase, but I'm looking forward to the all-out, I'd-rather-be-dead, I-really-can't-breathe phase. Fun times! Oh, and did I mention it's advising week?

Certain of my students continue to annoy. Perhaps I will videotape their pissy expressions (with! my new Flip!) and send them video to let them know how they look in class. It's a start.


life_of_a_fool said...

Hee - you should totally videotape the annoying students! Sometimes I tell them they should see themselves in a mirror, but video would be better!

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Better yet don't tell them you're are taping them and surprise them with an actual this is how you look in real life video. Maybe the pissy act isn't so good. :)
Klaus's mom

Brigindo said...

Very cool gadgetry. Sorry you're not feeling well. Its advising week at my uni too. Can't imagine doing it while feeling ill.