Monday, November 06, 2006


On occasion, I consider the possibility of going back to teaching full-time. I miss the kids, the focus; sometimes I even miss the colleagues I taught with over the years. I'd like to try out some of the ideas I've developed over the last few years about teaching and see how they work. I'd like to have that great feeling of helping kids develop reading and writing skills and stronger vocabulary, and responding positively to great literature. I miss those things.

Then happens a day like today, when I'm suffering from a bad cold. I can decide to work at home pretty easily, can get almost as much done at home as I could at work (because I don't teach on Mondays) AND I don't have to prepare any sub plans or feel guilty about not going to work.

Flexibility is a good thing.


Jen said...

I've often wondered if you guys (meaning profs) go through those moments where you want to be in classroom again instead of slogging through meetings, researching, researching, researching, and writing, writing, writing. I can understand your feelings both ways! :)


Trout said...

I, too, am suffering from a bad cold. Coincidentally, I'm feeling guilty as hell about not being on the job, and am trying really hard to get some work done at home... with little success.

Anonymous said...

Ya know...I've been having the same thoughts lately. (not about staying home and no sub plans...) I miss the kids and think I would be a much better teacher after being in this role. Still wondering if I made the right decision to become a Literacy Coach.

Of course, if I wake up sick tomorrow.... :)

Miss you!