Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Freshmen Are Rude

This morning in lecture, I had serious difficulty restraining myself from casting hairy eyeballs, uttering loud sighs, and coughing in (mostly passive-aggressive, I admit) attempts to shush the loud freshmen around me. The loudest bag of cookies ever opened, conversations about how boring the class was, and people dropping CPS units in class were all ganging up on my patience quota, attempting to frustrate me right out of my gourd.

I restrained myself by promising I would tell you reader(s) all about it.

See, my professor was not in class today, so the lab director (also with a doctorate) who just happens to be fairly young and female, took his place to lecture. I noticed a DISTINCT difference in the way students were behaving toward her, talking away as if she was not lecturing in the front of the room, etc. Perhaps there is something going here in terms of gender? Hmmm?

Anyway, it annoyed me and I wanted to tell you about it. And I wanted to cut off the ears of the cookie-eater behind me, but that is for another time.


Jen said...

Yeah...I hear ya on that one!!! I had the same issue in MY class today and it is FRUS-TRA-TING!!!! You can definitely pick out the freshman right off the bat!! Maybe there is something floating in the air this week. Either way, have comfort in knowing that you're not alone! :)

Barbara T. said...

What would happen if the lab director just asked the talkers to share their conversation with the rest of the class? Or would they just do it?