Thursday, August 17, 2006

Can I Get Them Now? Can I?

In my overzealous preparation for the geology course I'll be taking this fall (cause I wanna be a science nerd) I decided to purchase my textbooks online at the bookstore, thinking I could get them early that way and actually do some reading before class starts.

But no.

I called the bookstore and they said, sure, come pick them up. I went there and they said, no, not until the 21st. I momentarily considered buying a new set of books and then returning the other set -- once I was able to pick them up -- but that seemed, even for me, a bit too paranoid and nerdy.

I am a bit nervous about starting out down the science route, but I think that's just part of the stretching-myself motif that is engrained in my current science push.

Also, last night we had company over for dinner on our deck, with our new furniture and etc. Had a GREAT time, with a very international crowd, representing folks who are from or have traveled/lived in Europe, South America, Central America, Japan, Australia, and Africa.


Anonymous said...

You are TOO FUNNY, Dr. R. :) You sound just like ME in my anxiousness to get the new adventure started!! :) Glad you had a good time with your recent company. I wonder if I knew any of them? It seems like whenever I think about any time that I've spent overseas I look back on it and think, "Did I REALLY do that!?" It's nice to reminisce with people who have been to or come from the places that I have been at. :) Have a great weekend!

Jen M. said...

Okay, that was ME....Jen from the office (well, USED to be from the office. Now I'm in a new office. :) I must have clicked the wrong bubble at the bottom! :)

Ian Hewitt said...

Bad luck on the books! I hope you have them by now. I am also trying to enroll for fall semester at UW but its not looking like I'll be in time. I haven't decided my class yet...

Your friends sound like a interesting bunch. I am living overseas right now, but I've been in Laramie for 5 years so it almost seems like home.

When I did go home to the UK last year, THAT felt like I was going to a foreign country. It's all about perspective, I suppose.