Monday, July 18, 2005

Gone Hiking

Dear Small Audience of Reader(s):

I'm leaving this evening with a great friend and now hiking partner (Red) to fly off to the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts and Vermont. I should be gone a month, barring any unfortunate occurrences, and we will be hiking about 230 miles on the AT, from South Egremont, Massachusetts, to Hanover, New Hampshire. Once this section is hiked, I'll have only a couple hundred more miles in southern Maine to finish up.

Of course, before I leave, I must run around town like a chicken with my head cut off, getting everything done that I should have done last week.

If you see my spouse, give him a hug for me. He so wishes he could go with me, but can't get the vacation time.

If you're one of my students, keep a stiff upper lip. You'll do fine without me . . . and I'll be back in late August.

In the meantime, happy trails to you -- enjoy the rest of your summer!

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