Saturday, June 25, 2005

Budget Cuts

OK, now this pisses me off. Apparently, we're all supposed to just let our education funding, health care funding, etc. go because the Bush administration has put us so deeply into the hole in order to fund a war based on misinformation.

I'm about to start phoning and emailing and writing letters to my representatives, I can promise you.


P said...

Yeah. Barkeep, I'll take a Suck Highball, straight up!

I've been doing a bit of thinking about school funding lately (thanks to Dr. Jaime's class), and I've realized that the fundamental problem with funding - beyond the inequities inherent in a system based on property values, beyond the fact that the word "education" appears nowhere in the friggin' Constitution (thus leaving funding up to the states), beyond even the issue of it being a tax "burden" that not everyone thinks they should share (i.e., the ridiculous argument I once heard from a childless couple) - is that the result is not a tangible object.

Sorry. That sentence sucked, but it's too long to go back and edit.

Anyway, when we pour billions of dollars into an education system, we don't really get to see the result. Oh, sure, shiny new schools might crop up, but I'm willing to bet there are all kinds of unconciously problematic issues in the minds of taxpayers, who are used to getting something - anything - in exchange for plopping down their hard-earned cash. I mean, $87 billion buys a whole lot of tanks and body armor, but spend that on education and one generally won't see the result immediately.

Hmm. Sorry if this doesn't make any sense - but it's all very, very clear in my head, I assure you.

P said...

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Mary said...

I totally zonked out and didn't even watch Bush's speech. More of the same, I reasoned. Or less of what we need, and more of what we don't want, in the end.

The results are tangible enough if you step inside a local public school. How many of them are reading, writing, or doing math at their grade level? I wish we could vote about it: which do we value more, education or so-called Iraqi freedom?